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The past catches up.



Eir sighed. She knew he was almost always around. She knew he had plans, and she knew that if anyone would be responsible for bringing Asgard down, it would be him. Funny thing that he’d come to her from all people. She eyed him down, observed. He had come a long way to see her. But she, she was fairly well adjusted there, and surely he knew that.

Apart from the surprise of seeing him once again, she tried to keep herself calm. Loki didn’t visit old acquaintances for nothing. He always had a purpose, and she could sense something was coming.


Well, it surely is a surprise to see you… alive. What is it that you want with me?” 

           When faced with the question, Loki thought it best to ask himself the very same thing. ‘What exactly is it you wish with Eir?’ A pensive look crossed his character, and he moved with a slow grace toward the nearest wall; tall, lean frame, leaning against it. Quite often, and without his knowledge, Loki could be seen similarly to a cat.

"Ah yes. My… mishap, shall we say, with Odin allowing me to fall into darkness. What a wonderful gesture my father made."

The word father is spat with hostility. There is still loathing and resentment with Loki, now. He has no sympathy for Odin. He has no sympathy with the Allfather’s decisions. Still; the God of Deception banishes it from his expression; a warm smile left in it’s place.

      “I… believe, that Asgard has done us wrongly. We are victims of a flawed and problematic realm. We have been done wrong, when we deserve what is right.”



[On the other hand, Tony had always been certain he’s unworthy of any kind of affection from anyone. In his youth, being shunned from affection by his father has resulted in Dummy, You, and the beginning stages of JARVIS. People didn’t show him love, but his bots did, and he’d grown content with that. Technology had, overall, proven to be better than other people in all ways, shapes, and forms—it wasn’t as complex, wasn’t as capable of hurting him, and loved him unconditionally, no matter how much he fucked up.

But this was different. Loki didn’t have to come back but he did, and that was thrilling all in itself, even if it was for the wrong reasons. 

Just as Tony reached a peak of anticipation and was going to deepen the kiss, Loki was pulling away. He gave a disappointed sigh at that, glancing back at Loki with wide doe eyes and equally kiss-swollen lips.]

… I think I’m in the mood for something else.

[A slight quirk to his brow followed shortly, and the God of Chaos took  to only intensifying the smirk that made it’s home on his lips all the more. Without a glimmer of doubt, of all the lovers Loki has had in his past; Tony has been his favourite. Loki is a creature who adores destruction. Yes, Tony might not be the hurricane he needed right now; but when this all crumbles down; when the Man of Iron is driven to the brink; and when he discovers that it was all Loki’s fault, only then will he become the true partner the God has so craved.]

Honestly, Tony. I have no idea what it is you may be insinuating.

[Loki’s grip on Tony suddenly tenses, and he slips from the stool with feline ease, carrying the other like it was nothing at all to him. He only moves to sit him on the kitchen counter; mismatching their height and making Tony the taller one.]

You ought to be a tad more specific.

[Loki’s eyes are looking at him as if they’re radiating aphrodisiacs.]

The past catches up.


It had been a year. Exactly a year, in midgardian time mesurement, since she had left Asgard. She had given up on the Æsir. She wasn’t considered one of them anyway. All they did was call her when she was needed, she’d spend an unnecessary amount of energy healing them, and then go back to her little spot next to all of Frigga’s handmaidens. She knew she was more than that.

So finding herself a place in midgard was the answer. She knew sooner or later Asgard would fall, and she’d be there to heal  the humans, be seen as a deity herself. It was all a matter of time. And everything was going so well, until he appeared. Tall, black hair, lean, slender figure. She knew who it was. And he was coming for her.

What are you doing here?”


       Loki had a plan. Of all the things that had occurred in Asgard, of all the things that caused progress to steadily decline; of everything that stood in his way; he had slipped past them. And he had a plan. It had been fabricated from the tarnished strips from previous plots, yes; pieced together with it’s predecessors like some gothic monster; but this time, he knew, he simply knew,it was going to work.

                                             All he needed, would be willing participants.

And so, the banished and the deserters would be where the Jotun King would begin. He would start with those that wished it would end.

                  “I do many things on Midgard, from time to time.
                          It’s… hardly a surprise, that I’m here now.”



[An attempted display of affection had turned into this. Not that Tony minded, of course, because this was one of the primary factors that kept them together in the first place. Not sex, but the intimacy of being together physically and mentally that came with it. That was all Tony ever longed for and he got it in earnest with Loki.  

Maybe Loki wasn’t good for him but he was definitely the most important thing in his life at the moment. He would never hesitate to admit it, though not aloud.] 

Impatient are we?

[That witty remark was cut off by Loki’s lips on his own. He marveled at that for a moment, hands coming to cup Loki’s face. Coarse palms caressed smooth, prominent cheekbones while the billionaire scooted himself further on Loki’s lap, determinedly deepening the kiss with a bit of a more firm press of his lips against Loki’s.  

Nimble fingers moved into Loki’s hair, tugging lightly at those raven locks. At this point in their relationship, he didn’t concern himself with moral debates anymore. He was beyond that, too far gone for redemption, but he didn’t want redemption. Redemption was ,as far as he was concerned, this.]

[When given, Loki is always accepting of affection. He often believes that, being such an important, powerful being, he deserved it; that a God with such magnitude as he, deserved all the attention he got; and it was vain, yes, but he was a very vain God.]

Be quiet.

[It’s playful, and muttered as skin comes into contact with skin; hands dropping to grip at the billionaire’s waist tightly. More often than not, it would seem, that Loki’s finger tips would dig into the skin of his lover, and, of course; now, wasn’t any different. His head tilted just so to the side, jaw parting to make it more possible to drown him in growing-to-be passionate affection. There was no way of telling whether Loki truly enjoyed something or not; but, it seemed; he certainly enjoyed this.

He could do nothing but reel Tony in further, so their chests were just pressed as one; a contented sigh easing from the cavities of his chest. Even Loki could find it difficult to pull away; but, he managed it.]

I ought to let you eat.

[There was a wry smirk on his slightly redder lips.]

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Everyone you love,
     Everything you love,
          I will devour it & destroy it
                   until you have nothing left but
                                              { Me. }

  ——he’s trying not to laugh hysterically.



[Though he’d never admit it, Tony’s nature was akin to an emotionally needy child. Before he’d survived the wormhole and the cave in Afghanistan, he survived his father and what seemed to be a loveless childhood. Any displays of genuine affection, even if they were spoiled and rotten and corrupted, were always clung to and savored while they lasted. At least, this was while his walls of defense were down—and there were many, many walls. Loki had slowly crumbled them all down, and had, like shrapnel, crawled his way into his chest. However, with Loki, no arc reactor would ever be able to keep him from Tony’s heart. 

However, Tony didn’t mind; in fact, being with Loki was his favorite part of the day. It was like putting a gun into his mouth, but Tony liked the taste of the metal.] 

Oh, I plan to allow you. 

[Loki’s ghost-like touch caused goosebumps to erupt all over the billionaire’s’s skin, the nape of his neck an erogenous zone. His lover’s touch was always knowing, always without instructs. He had a torturer’s hands. 

Tony’s following words were accentuated by a kiss to beneath Loki’s ear.]

A lot. 

[He’d pulled away to look the other in the face, tempted to kiss him on the lips, but he did not. His aim was not to tease, but to drive to a peak of anticipation. Kissing could come later.] 

[It seemed like such an innocent thing, really. The sanctity of trust and compassion and care and love, almost, was, without doubt, one of the most powerful things to exist. Something that could create hope and willpower, even in the darkest of moments. Love, it seemed, could save a dying man from his forlorn misery and loneliness. It could make the pain seem less… final.

And, of course, it could be snapped. Everything can be snapped, with the correct pressure.

Loki continually applied it, each day.

He did so without even the slightest of warnings that he was doing it. He never underestimated Tony, no; he would not dishonour the one he would keep coming back to like that; but he never once stopped, either. It was simply how it would be. Forever, if need be.

His eyelids fluttered a moment further, before the God grew impatient. The hand that cupped the back of Tony’s head slipped upward, and into his hair; taking a gentle, but firm hold, of the deep chocolate tufts; tipping his head backward, very slightly, scarcely even with movement; to more easily connect their lips when Loki made it so.

This was important to note. This impatience. Loki is a God of Chaos and Mischief and Devilry. But; he is not the Devil. He can become impatient. He can feel things the Devil could not.

He could, in his own theory, snap.

All that would be needed, would be the correct pressure.]

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